Building report

Junior High School no. 21

Building: Junior High School no. 21
General contractor: MARBUD Mariusz Oleksy
Sub-contractor: SZLIF Grzegorz Glazinski
Time limit: April 05, 2005 to April 17, 2005
Area: 404 m2

All works began with dismantling large bits of parquet, especially along windows and at the back of the gym. The parquet was damaged due to fire. Next, the missing bits of parquet were made up. Repairing of the floor was necessary.

In places where fire damaged the parquet, new boards were put (size: 22x55x450). Then the whole parquet was gridded diagonally and crosswise with paper of 24, 36 granulation.

When the previous layer of varnish and bumps were removed, scraping with a paper of 60, 80, 120 granulation took place.

When the pitch was clean and dust-free, a layer of special Capon varnish was applied. The following day, we painted while lines (acryl paint, Dulux). The paint that was used to draw the lines of the pitch cannot react with any varnish used either before or later. Next, the surface was covered with Dulux topcoat varnish. On the following day skirting boards (3.5x5cm) were installed, the dust was removed and the whole surface was varnished again (Domalux varnish). Before applying the varnish for the third time, the surface was cleaned and polished again.