Building report


Building: QUALITY HOTEL in Sweeden
General contractor: Stein Verno-Sweden and “Malwina i Adam”
Sub-contractor: SZLIF Grzegorz Glazinski
Time limit: November 12, 2005 to December 17, 2005
Area: 5100 m2

Szlif received a repair order of old beech parquet in QUALITY HOTEL in Sweden which belongs to the whole branch of CHOICE HOTELS SCANDINAVIA. Four workers were involved in the reparation, which consisted in scraping and oiling of beech parquet of 135 rooms and 7 corridors in a hotel. It began on the 8th floor. The rooms were first, then the corridors. When the 8th floor was finished and approved by the manager, it was opened to general public. The repair work continued down to the ground floor. Despite of the repair work being in progress, the hotel was open to guests. The reparation began with scraping, for which we used abrasive materials (by BONA) in granulation: 36, 60, 80, 120 cubic zirconia.
Two workers were scraping the parquet BELT scrapers by BONA and one was grinding the edges (BONA, EDGE). Having done that, the workers did the polishing (granulation 150). Then, when the dust was removed, the forth worker put a layer of rustic oil (by JANCKER) diluted with painter’s naphtha 1:1. After about an hour next layer of oil was put. Then, it was left as such to dry. After 12 hours, with a use of a cotton rag, another layer of rustic oil was put. This time the oil was not diluted. After another 90 minutes the oil was spread with a polisher. After16 hours, the floor was polished and cleaned so that the last layer could be put by spraying. The oil was smoothly spread with a polisher and polished. The whole repair work was carried out competently and solidly. The hotel’s owners were fully satisfied with our work.