Building report

Residence at Junikowo

All works started with measuring the humidity of concrete, air, parquet, floor temperature and concrete hardness. All the measurements complied with standards. When checking the floor, it turned out that the concrete was smooth. That is why we used Thomsit R 777 primer and Thomsit DD self-leveling substance, which help to smooth and level the floor when there are differences in level from 0.5 up to 5mm.

In this condition the floor was left for 2 weeks, so that the humidity could evaporate. After 14 days we proceeded to priming the floor (SLC Primer CS) in order to improve its adhesiveness and to lower its absorptivity. After another 24h we marked on the parquet pattern and we stack the middle of the pattern with SLCGutoid PARKIET TS1 glue.

Two days later, we cut the parquet along the walls up to 45cm. For this purpose we used Festoll boards. As to make the edgings more visible we used a 15cm wide board (Marbau wood, different kind of wood was used only in a bedroom).

After 14 days we moved on to scraping and we used abrasive papers of the following granulation: 36, 60, 80, 120.

Next we used Festool saw blade to cut skirting boards. Thanks to the saw blade the joints are perfect regardless of the angles. Finally, we removed the dust and varnished the parquet (SLC Siloflex UNISTAT varnish).

After 12 hours we used Columbus polisher with papers of 220 granulation. When the dust was removed, we applied another layer of varnish. Before applying the third layer, the whole process was repeated.